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Let me and verb English basic lesson

What will I learn from the English lesson let me + verb?

During this English lesson you will learn why you need to use the words let me and how to use them in sentences. The last part of the lesson is a small exercise for you to practice making your own sentences.

What do the words let me mean?

When you use the words 'Let me' you are suggesting that you want permission or a have a opportunity to help someone or to be able to do something.

Examples  of using the words 'let me':

Let me make my own decision about the new chair.
Let me offer to help you make dinner.
Let me open the car door for you.
Let me pause and so I can think about what we are going do.
Let me welcome you all to this learning English website.
Let me save you the trouble of coming to see me I will meet you there.
Let me make a suggestion about where to go on holiday.
Let me try and fix your motorbike for you.
Let me taste the curry before you add more chili .
Let me treat you to a big box of chocolate to say thank you for all your help.

Exercise using the words 'I am trying'

Using a pen and some paper try and make a list of 10 things using the words 'let me'

  1. let me help you wash them pots.
  2. ....

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