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I'm trying to + verb learning basic English lesson

What will I learn from the basic English lesson I'm trying to + verb?

During this English lesson you will learn what the words 'I am trying' mean and how to use them in sentences. During the lesson there  are several example for you to learn and try and make some of your own.

What does the words 'I am trying to mean'?

When you say or write 'I am trying' you are telling someone that you going to attempt to accomplish something. This could be bodily or mental.

By adding the verb to the end of the words 'I'm trying' you are telling out exactly what you are trying to do.

Examples of using I am trying to:

I am trying to get a new job.
I am trying to call my older sister on the telephone.
I am trying to enjoy listening to some music.
I am trying to learn English myself.
I am trying to explain why we were late.
I am trying new clothes for the party tonight.
I am trying to eat healthy food as I have been eating a lot of fast foods lately.

Sometimes you will hear the word 'trying' as a way to express the way someone is feeling. When used this way, it expresses strain or can mean distress.

Examples of using trying for stress or distress:

Learning English can be very trying on you.
Running a  marathon is very trying on for me as it makes me tired.

Exercise using the words 'I am trying'

Using a pen and some paper try and make a list of 10 things using the words 'I am trying'

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