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Learing I gotta or I have got to + a verb

What will I learn from the English lesson gotta or I have got to?

During this lesson you will learn when to use 'gotta' and 'I have got to'. The lesson shows several examples of how to use both. 

What does I gotta mean?

First! 'I gotta' is grammatically incorrect. You should only use it when you are using the spoken form. When you need to use the correct grammatically way you need to use  'I have got to' or 'I've got to'.

So in spoken form, 'got to' is shortened to 'gotta' with the word 'have' not being used.

Examples of how to use gotta in the spoken form:

I gotta manage what little money I have.
I gotta obey my parents.
I gotta move to a small flat my house is to big for me.
I gotta impress the new boss.
I gotta brush my teeth after every meal.

By adding the word 'have' you can change what you are saying to express something that needs to be done in the near future.

Examples of using I gotta:

I have gotta be at work for 6am tomorrow work.
I have gotta try harder at school.
I have gotta tell my wife that am playing football tonight.

I have contraction = I've

I've gotta learn more English this term.
I've gotta clean the inside and outside of my car today.

Examples of how to use gotta in the written form:

I got to manage what little money I have.
I got to obey the schools rules.
I got to move to London for my new job.
I got to impress my new English teacher.
I got to brush the dog tomorrow.

When you add the word 'have' you are able to say that something needs to be done in the very near future.

Examples of using I have got to:

I have got to be at airport for 7pm to pick my friend up.
I have got to try and get all the work done on time.
I have got to tell the boss I have a new job.

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