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Don't / Do not + verb learning English basics

What will I learn from the English lesson Don't / Do not + verb?

This lesson you will learn what the words 'do not' mean and how to use them in a sentence. The lesson shows several examples of the words 'do not' and also some examples of the contracted form don't.

What do the words 'don't' and 'do not' mean?

When you use the words ‘do not’ you are telling someone of what NOT should be done.

Examples of how to use do not:

Do not concern yourself with other people's problems.
Do not behave badly or you will have no friends.
Do not announce that you are leaving until you have got that job.
Do not argue with me please.
Do not arrive late for you meeting tomorrow it is important.

Using the word don't and why

When you use the word 'don't' it is a contraction of the words 'do not' and is used in spoken form.

Examples of how to use don’t:

Don't try and copy me.
Don't allow this to happen.
Don't watch scary movies before you going to sleep or you will not sleep.
Don't cause any more trouble in the class.
Don't chew gum when you are talking to someone.

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