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I have and past participle learning basic English

What will I learn from the lesson I have past participle?

During this lesson you will learn what the words I have mean and how to use them with past participle.

What do the words I have mean?

When you use the words I have it shows that you are in possession of something or have acquired.

Adding past participle

By adding a past participle you are telling a person of a past or a completed action that was done by you.

Examples of how to use I have and past participle

I have done it.
I have heard what you said before.
I have driven a sports car.
I have forgotten the words.
I have read the newspaper.
I have eaten at that cafe before.
I have flown in a helicopter.
I have forgiven you for what you did.
I have seen you before i am sure of it.
I have written a book about playing sport.

I have taken the dog to the park.
i have taken the cat to the vets.

Jason and David have gone for a long walk.
The women have not talked at all about men.

We have chosen to meet the Mrs Bean.

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