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I plan to + verb basic English lesson

What will I learn from the basic English lesson I plan to + verb?

During this English lesson you will be learning how to use the words I plan to plus a verb. The lesson shows examples of how to describe something you are planning to do.

What does I plan to mean?

When you say the words 'I plan to' you are describing something that you are going to do in the near future.

Here are some examples:I plan to + verb

I plan to find another job next year.
I plan to relax with a nice meal with my husband tonight.
I plan to surprise my son by taking him to a football match.
I plan to wash the house windows tomorrow.
I plan to walk to work to help keep fit.
I plan to impress my boss.
I plan to watch a movie.
I plan to save more money.
I plan to read a book.
I plan to learn new things.

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