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Directions Left / Right and around the corner English lesson

What will I  learn from the English lesson directions Left / Right and around the corner?

During this English lesson you will be learning give directions using left, right and around the corner. 


Turn right English directions lesson

Turn left Directions English lesson




 Turn Left                                                                               Turn right



Take a left or right

You need to take a left at the next traffic lights.
Take a right at the hospital.
When you get to Oxford Street, take your next right.
After you pass Tesco on your left, take a right at the next traffic lights.
Take a left when you come to a stop sign.

Turn left or right

Turn right on after you pass the bakery on the right also.
Turn left after you pass KFC.
When you see a Hospital on your right hand side, turn left in to Downng  street.
Turn left after you pass Duram Road take the first left when you enter Duram Road.

Just right / left or just around the corner

Just around the corner means the next turn.

It's just right around the corner on the left side.
It's left around the corner next to the show shop.
Keep going down this street, then turn left on to Mayfair Street, and it will be left around the corner from the petrol station.

Practise using directions

If you are at school give directions to various parts of your school.

Example school canteen:

Turn left at the end of the corridor got yo the end of the next corridor and turn right you will see the entrance on the left.

Don't forget if need help use the forum to post a question

Try giving directions for the following:

Were you leave to the nearest shop.

Place of work to the nearest petrol station.

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