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Thank you English lesson learning how to thank someone

What will I learn from the English lesson learning how to say thank you someone?

This lesson you will learn why you need to say thank you and start learning some basic sentences in telling someone thank you.

Why do you say thank you to someone?

By using the words 'thank you' is your way of saying you appreciate what they have done. This  means you are thanking a person for something they have done or saying for someone else.

Examples of using the words thank you for:

By using the 'words thank you' will enable you to use in many sentences.

Thank you for inviting me to the party next week.
Thank you for opening the door for me
Thank you for helping me with cleaning the house.
Thank you for telling me about the job

Thank you for emailing the report from the meeting.
Thank you for working so hard getting the order ready.
Thank you for coming to visit me.
Thank you for replying to my email.

Thank you for helping me with my English homework .
Thank you for making lunch for us
Thank you for for coming so quickly.

Different ways to tell someone thank you

Say thank you to Mr Jones please.
Tell John thank you he worked really hard today.
Can you tell Mrs smith thank you for making the cake.

Thank you very much for finding my keys

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