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Learning modes of transport  English lesson

What will I be learning during the English lesson modes of transport?

The first part of the lesson explains what modes of transport. The second part of the lesson using pictures will show you the different types of modes of transport with explanation of each.

What does modes of transport mean?

Mode of transport  means, ways of getting to some where or getting back from some were. This could be using a car, train, boat, areoplane, motorbike or other forms of transportation.

The different types of transport available 

Learning transport English lesson

On foot

The free mode of transport as cost no money.

By bicycle

Are used for going to work or for exercise, a good mode of transport in busy cities.

By car

Used for transport friends and family around.

By Taxi

Taxi you have to pay the driver to take you somewhere

By tanker

Are used for carrying large amounts of liquids to another place

By bus

Buses carry many people around a certain route. people pay money and get of at there stop.

By Train

Trains uses tracks to carry many people around on a certain route. People pay money and get of at there train station.

By Tram

Are used for carry many people around on a certain route

By motorbike

Are used by one or two people to get to another place.

By tube

Tubes are underground network that as tracks and carries many people around on a certain route. People pay money and get of at there tube station.


By lorry

Are used for carry large amounts of goods to the next destination.

By coach

Are used to carry people long distances in comfort.

By yacht

Are used for pleasure, for people to enjoy in their free time.

By ship

Are used to carry large amounts of cargo across water.

 By boat

Are used to travel across water and carry people or can be used for fishing.

By helicopter

Helicopters are used by police. coast guards, business men, and the rich and famous.

By areoplane

Used for traveling any where in your own country or the world.

By hot air balloon 

Mainly used for enjoyment then for transport.


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