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Learning shapes English lesson

What will I learn from the lesson learning shapes?

During this lesson you will be learning the names for the different types of shapes. You will also learn how to use the names of shapes in sentences.

Learning the shapes

Below is 9 of the most common shapes that you need to learn.

Learning English shapes

Triangle / Circle / Rectangle

Learning English shapes star square oval

Star / Square / Oval

Learning English diamond heart circle

Diamond / Heart / Octagon

1. The roof of a house is shaped like a triangle. the roof is triangular. Triangle = noun triangular = adjective

2. The football on the floor is shaped like a circle. The ball circular. ( round also means circular. The moon is round) Circle = noun Circular = adjective

3. That table in the living room is a shape like a rectangle. The table is rectangular. Rectangle = noun Rectangular = adjective

4. The box I got my birthday present in is shaped like a heart. My box is heart-shaped.

5. The picture on the wall is shaped like a square. The picture is square.

6. The rug in the bedroom is shaped like an oval. The rug is oval.

7. The little girl has star shaped pillow on her bed . The pillow is star-shaped.

8. The ornament on the tree is shaped like a diamond. The ornament is diamond-shaped.

9. The road sign at the end of my street is shaped like an octagon. The road sign is octagonal. Octagonal = noun Octagonal = adjective

Mathematical Shapes

learning mathematical shapes English lesson

Pentagon = 5 sides / Parallelogram 2 parallel sides / Hexagon = 5 sides / Octagon = 8 sides