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Famous people English lesson

What will I learn from the lesson Famous people English lesson

this English lesson you will to practise reading about a few famous people and what they do for a living

Who's that?

Gisele Bundchen is a super model and beautiful

Who's that?

She is Gisele Bundchen a model and is very famous 

She is the beautiful and has lovely blonde hair.




Who's that?English teacher she is very popular with the students

It's Mrs Bean she is a teacher.

Jumnaer, Jane and Chloe are her students.

She is a very good English teacher she makes it so easy.

All the students are happy.


David Beckham is a very famous person

Who's that?

That is David Beckham he is a very famous English footballer  

He is very good looking.

He has a lovely wife and three children



Brad pitt is a very famous actor

Who's that?

That's Brad Pitt is an actor. 

He has been in many movies.

He is also very famous.


lady gaga is a very famous singer all arounf#d the world

 Who's that?

It's Lady gaga a famous singer.

Sometimes she wears very strange clothes.

She is a very good singer and many people like her concerts.



 Who's that?Michael Schumacher is a famous racing driver

Michael Schumacher is a racing driver and has been very successful.

 He is a good looking man. 

He has short hair and is very tall.



Mr Bean is English he is funny

Who's that? 

Mr Bean the star of this website.

 Mr Bean is also very famous and also funny to young people and old.

 He's a comedy character played by the English actor Rowan Atkinson.

 The show has very few words that are spoken 



 Practise your reading skills copy and write on some paper and answer if they are correct or not..

Answer          true or false                                       
_________ Mrs Bean is a bad English teacher.
_________ David Beckham is good looking.
_________ Brad Pitt is famous
_________ Lady gaga is not a very good singer.
_________ Michael Schumacher is a racing driver
_________ Mr Bean is not funny.

Practise speaking with a friend 

A: Who is that?

B: That's David Beckham 

A: Is he a good footballer?

B: yes he is, and is good looking.


A: Who's that?

B: That's Mrs Bean.

A: Is she a teacher?

B: Yes, she likes to help people learn English.