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Addition and Subtraction English lesson learning the basics

What will I be learning from the lesson learning the basics in addition and subtraction?

This lesson you will learn how to do some basic maths addition and subtraction you will learn the vocabulary used and how to add and subtract.

** Hint ** You know how to do maths when it is on your own language, but it been able to do it  English it will be very useful to you.


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When using addition the following English vocabulary is used.how to adding and subtracting in English

+   plus
+ and
=                   equals                      

Examples of addiction 

Addition / Adding


What's three (3)  plus four (4)? = seven (7)

What's two (2)  plus five (5)? = seven (7)

When using subtraction the following English vocabulary is used.

-                minus
- take away                        
= equals

Examples of subtraction

Subtraction or Subtracting

    7      -    3    =   4
seven           minus three            equals         four
  9     -    6    =   3
nine take away                 six    is three              

What's five (5)  plus two (2)? = three (3)

What's nine (9)  plus six (6)? = three (73)

Some different examples of addition and subtraction a person or teacher might say.

What would you get if you added three and five together?
You would get eight.

If you put six and three together, what would you get?
You would get nine.

If you add 10 to 25, what does that make?
That makes 35.

What do you get if you subtract five from nine?
You get four.

How much do you have if you take nine away from seven?
You have two.

Practise with some paper and a pen Using the previous examples make up your own questions and answer them. 

Use words for the numbers for extra practise!

what is four (4) plus four(4) ?    it is eight (8)

what is Seven minus two ? it is five

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