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Inside a living room learning the vocabulary English lesson

What will I learn from the lesson inside an English living room

Learn about things in the living room

During this lesson you will learn what living rooms are used for and the names for the various items you are likely to find inside. 

What are living rooms used for?

Living rooms are also known as the family room where the whole family can sit and relax.

Families can sit and watch TV in the living room.

People can sit and read a book.

People or the whole family can listen to music in the living room.


Things you might find in the living room
   living room small table   rug used on the floor CD player for listening to music in the living room  Settee seating for 2 or more people   television  arm chair used for 1 person to sit on    Cushion used to make sitting comfy  
 Table Rug   Music player  Settee  Television  Arm chair  Cushion 
    Rocking chair  book shelf stand used for storing books on  Shelf on the wall used to displaying things  Living room lamp  TV stand  Hi-Fi stand used for Hi-Fi and storing CDS and cassettes    display stand for the living room
 Rocking chair   Bookshelf   Shelf  Lamp  TV stand  HI-FI stand  Display stand 
 Fireplace in the living room with flames  wall clock used for telling the time  candle used for creating a relaxed atmosphere  Telephone used for speaking to other people  Fish tank used for holding fish  vase used for holding flowers    Curtains used to sun light
 Fireplace   Wall clock  Candle Telephone  Fish tank  Vase  Curtains 

Examples of how to use living room items in a sentence

   Word             Example of how to use it                                                       

Chair After a hard day at work a cup of tea and a comfortable chair helps Mr Bean to relax.
Table Mr Bean enjoyed having is dinner at the table with Mrs Bean.
Rug  The dog loved sitting on the rug in front of the fire.
Music player Mrs Jones turned on the music player so she could listen to some music whilst reading her English book.
Settee/couch  Mr and Mrs Bean were watching the BBC news on TV,  sitting on the couch.
 TV. Television  Mr Bean often sits on the settee in the living room to watch Television (TV).
 Bookshelf We have plenty of the books on the bookshelf for the whole family can choose from.
 Lamp Please can you turn the lamp on it is getting dark now and I cant read my book now.
 Cushion The new red and yellow cushions look lovely with the new settee.
 Rocking Chair    Dad likes to sit in is rocking chair while watching the birds outside.
 Display stand Can you put the plates back in the display stand in the living room for me.
 Candle Mrs Bean like to use candles to create a relaxed atmosphere.
 Fireplace The fireplace looks so nice when it is burning logs.
 Curtains We had to shut the curtains due to the bright sun light.
 Telephone Jumnaer, please will you get off the telephone I need to make an important phone call.
 Fish tank I like to sit and watch the fish swimming in the fish tank it is so relaxing.

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