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Can and can't differences English lesson with examples

Learn how to use the words can and can't

During this lesson you will start learning how to use the words can and can't and how you can use it in sentences.

You can use the word can for physical ability or skill

Below is a list of ways of using the word 'can' in a positive and negative way.

Can you swim no I cant swim

Affirmative Negative
I can swim. I can't swim
You can swim. You can't swim.
He can swim. He can't swim.
She can swim. She can't swim.
It can swim. It can't swim.
We can swim. We can't swim.
They can swim. They can't swim.

** Hint learn **

Cannot = can't

Could not = couldn't

will not = won't

Using 'can' as a question word

Below gives examples of how to use the word 'can' to form a question. The table also shows an example if how to answer the question in a short positive way and negative.

Question short answer short answer
Can I swim. Yes, you can. No, you can't.
Can you swim. Yes, I can. No, I can't.
Can he swim. Yes, he can. No, he can't.
Can she swim. Yes, she can. No, she can't.
Can it swim. Yes, it can. No, it can't.
Can we swim. Yes, we can. No, we can't.
Can they swim. Yes, they can. No, they can't.

fish can swim

Examples of useing the verb can

Fish can swim.

Fish can't fly.

can you ride a bike yes I canCan you ride a bike?

No, I can't. Can you?

Yes, I can.

can you speak English?

Can you speak English?

Yes I can I learn't with Easy Pace Learning. How about you?

I can' speak it very well I'm still learning I will Google Easy pace Learning.

Examples of using can't in a sentence with meaning

Examples of using the word can't in a sentence with their meaning

Practise write down on some paper what you can or can't do using the list below

Activity Yes No
Eat outdoors you can eat outdoors You can't eat outdoors
Go swimming    
Go dancing    
Buy a DVD / video    
Play video games    
Exercise indoors    
Go to an amusement park    
Go fishing    

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