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Application forms and filling them out English lesson

What will I learn from the English lesson filling out baisc application forms?

 During this this English lesson you will start learning how to fill out basic English application forms using your own name, address,email address, nationality, home and mobile phone number, date of birth and your age.

Why do I need to learn application forms.

Application form are used for many things such as jobs, or joining a club, bank there are many things they are needed for, by the end of the lesson you will be able to fill out forms in English as well.

First Name    Jean    Second name Sarah    Last name Smith


number 102    Street Oxford road    Town Watford    City London    Post code AH4 9LWLearning how to fill in basic English Application forms

Home telephone: 0203, 0207, 0208

Mobile phone: 0789 0425 1111

Email address: easypacelearning@epl.com

Sex: Male   male     or   Female 

Nationality English

Date if birth: 14 / 04 / 73

Age: 38

Marital status: single / Married  /   Divorced  /   Widowed = married (circle which one you are or write on the end)

Occupation: Student

*** Hint ***

Sometimes when filling out application form you might not have all the details it is best to put a small line were the black space is don't leave blank as other people will think you have forgot to fill in everything.


Home telephone:  0203, 0207, 0208                              

Mobile phone:   _______                                    

Try using paper and a pen fill in the details below with your own details use above as a guide

First Name       Second name     Last name                                  (use your own name)

Address:                               (Address is were you live at the present)

number        Street        Town        City        Post code 

Home telephone:                                    (your phone of your house / condo / flat)

Mobile phone:                                          (your mobile phone number)

Email address:                                         (your email address)

Sex: Male       Female                             (M = male F = female)

Nationality                                                (English , thia, spainish)

Date if birth:                                             (the day /month year you were born)

Age:                                                            (How old are you?)

Marital status: single    Married     Divorced     Widowed = (circle which one you are or write on the end)

Occupation: what job you have or school / university or unemployed)

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