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Appearance English lesson describing peoples appearance 

What will I learn from the lesson learning how to describe peoples appearance?

During this lesson you will how to describe what you look like and describe someone else's appearance and what they look like. Starting with height, type of hair you have, are you thin or fat. The last part of the lesson is a video to showing peoples appearances and what senses we have.

Learning the height of a person 

        A tall person


                  A medium height person



         A small person

A tall person  

He is very tall  

taller than normal        

 A medium height person         

He is of average height      

A small person    

He is small

shorter than normal        

Video learning about peoples appearance


How to ask someone there height


How tall are you? = I'm 5 foot 8 or 1.7 meters.

What's your height? = I'm 5 foot 8 or 1.7 meters.

What is is height do you know? = I think he is 5 foot 11 inches, why don't you ask him?


How tall are they?  =  they are all about 5 foot 7. 


Different types of hair for men and women

      A person with a bold head            A person with brown hair                 A person with red hair          A person with blond hair    Man with short hair 

Old man going bold      

Brown hair

Short brown hair             


 Red hair

Bob hair style                   


 Blond hair

Long blond hair                   


 Short hair

Short black hair 


        crew cut a short hair style      lady with curly hair           a girl with pigtails           A girl with straight hair  women with short hair
 Crew cut

 Pig tails

Long with a pig tail


 Pony tails  Straight hair

 Short hair

Short black hair


         A girl with plaits           Boy with parted hair          Boy with spiky hair             a person with wavy hair  A lady with long straight hair

 Plaited hair

Long plaited hair

 Parted hair

 Spiky hair

Spiky brown hair

Wavy hair

Wavy brown hair

 Long hair

Long brown hair

Examples of sentences describing hair

girl with long straight hair

She has lovely long hair

She has long and straight brown hair

Her hair is long and brown


A girl with medium length hair

she has medium length red hair

her hair is medium length and wavy

she has medium length


boy with short blond hair

He has short  hair

He has short blond hair

He has short blond spiky hair


Body types

Thin person

A thin lady

She is slim = it means thin, but in an attractive way (positive thing to say)

My friend is thin = someone with little fat on their body (negative thing to say)

She  is skinny = very thin or too thin (negative thing to say)

She is slender. (positive)

Fat person

A fat person

Big is used in a polite way to describe someone who has a large body (neutral)

Plump  describes someone that is round in shape in a pleasant way, mainly used for women (neutral)

Chubby used to describe children and babies who have round body parts.

Overweight can be used to describe someone who is large in size.

These words are all adjectives as they describe things

Overweight, chubby, plump, slim, slender, skinny, thin, brown, blond, spiky, bald, curly, red

Learning about peoples appearance and sense's we have video


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