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Word like English lesson you will learn about the different ways to use the word like

The word like is a verb and can mean to enjoy something or to approve of.

Like can be used to describe liking something

Examples:- Learning how to use the English word like

I like your new hairstyle

i like your new house

I like to play computer games

Like can also to describe something that is similar


What does he look like

Who does she look like

Like can also be used to describe something in the same way.


She looks like her sister.

He looks like Lionel Messi

How to use like to make requests and offers.


I' d like another glass of coca cola, please.

We would like another hotdog, please

What is he/she/it like?

This is a specific question that asks the personality of a person.

You do not use like in the answer.


What's he like? = Oh he's new here he's very nice.

What's is the new car like? = It's great it's very reliable.

Some more examples and how to answer them.

What do you like to drink? I like to drink coffee, when i go to parties I like to drink wine.

What do you like to eat? I like pasta and burgers, I also like apples as they are healthy.

What do you look like? I am quite tall and and thin. I have short dark hair, a fair complexion and blues eyes. My friednds say that I am attractive.

Who do you look like? My friends say I look like Lionel Messii. I wish I could play football like him.

What are you like? I think that am quite nice person. My wife says that I am lazy as I don't help around the house. My friends tell me that I have a good sense of humour.

What is your condo/ flat like? It's very small. It has a kitchen, A small bathroom, living room and one bedroom.

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