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 Job and work vocabulary

What job do you want?

This English lesson you will learn the different names for different jobs in the UK. After you have learnt the vocabulary for each job there is a list of all jobs and a brief description of each job and also where they work from.

 Jobs and work

 A list various of jobs

Computer programmer



secretary sat at her desk

Office worker doing some work



Hairdresser cutting hair



Carpenter hammering some nails  


Barber for cutting mens hair



 Computer programmer       Secretary      Office worker     Hairdresser      Carpenter          Barber

 Train driver


 Painter for the home


 Footballer for Manchester united


Fireman putting out fire


student busy studying at school



nurse doing work in a hospital



    Train driver  Painter and decorator       Footballer        Fireman       Student         Nurse

 Crane used for lifting things


         Docter helping people get better

police keeping order in the town



Gardener keeping the garden looking nice



 Account counting some money


Teacher in the classroom teaching students



    Crane driver          Doctor         Police         Gardener       Accountant       Teacher

 waiter taking food to the table


Baker making some bread



Vet treating an animal



Plumber fixing some pipes

 optician testing a person eyes

 lawyer in the courtroom








Jobs and work 

 Type of job  Brief description of the job


They work from?


Computer programmer


 Make programs to help reduce work load for peoples or offices  


 Work in offices or can work from home    




 Type letters, post parcels and letters, and arrange appointments


 Works in office


 Office worker


 Have computer skills, written skills, ability to plan things


 Works in office




 Cut and style people's hair.


 Hair salon , but can be mobile




 Able to make most things out of wood 


 Works in a factory or mobiles in a van




 Cut men's hair and facial hair


 Works in a barbers shop


 Train driver


 Drives trains


 Work in the cab at the front of the train


 Painter and decorator


 Paints anything in the home inside and out 


 Works from a van




 Plays football for vast amounts of money 


 Works for a football club




 Puts out fires in homes, factories, cars and car accidents 


 Works from fire station




 Studies  at school, college and universities 


 Studies at school, college and universities 




 Look after patients by giving medicine and dressing to wounds


 works from a hospital 


Crane driver 


 Uses a crane to lift various heavy objects 


 Works in a crane




 Helps look after peoples health 


 They work in a doctor's surgery or from in a hospital




 Help maintain peace and order 


 Work from police station




 Helps keep people gardens tidy and also public gardens


 Works from a van




 Look after the finances for businesses 


 Works in a office




 Helps students learn various subjects


 Works in school, college or university




 Serve people food and drink.


 Work in a restaurant or cafes




 Bakes Cakes and bread to sell to the public or shops


 Work in a bakery




 Look after people's animals.


 Work from a veterinary surgery or vets.




 Looks after peoples plumbing in the home or industry 


 Works from a van




 Looks after peoples eyes by testing them 


 Work in an opticians




Helps to defend and prosecute people in court 


 Works in a office


Learning the vocabulary for different jobs and uccupations

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