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Telling the time English lesson learning the basics about analogue clocks and watches are to tell the time

What will i learn from the lesson learning the basics about telling the time?

During this English lesson you will start learning how time is measured using seconds, minutes and hours.The next part of the lesson you will learn what is used for telling the time. In the last part of the lesson you start learning what time of the day it is. 

How do we measure time?

We measure the time in seconds, minutes and hours.

There are 24 hours in a day. Click here for the lesson on English numbers 1 to 100

There are 60 minutes in an hour.

There are 60 seconds in a minute.

clocks and watches are used to tell the time

Analogue clocks or watches will  numbers on the front this is called the clock face, sometimes only the numbers 12, 3, 6, 9 are shown with lines used for were the other numbers should be.

An analogue clock has what in English are called  "hands", the short hand (red one in the image) is used to  show what hour it is.

The longer hand (green one in the image) is used to  show the minutes.

There are sometimes a long thin hand this is to show the seconds.

 What are digital clocks and how do work? 

digit clocks use numbers and not hands to tell the time

 Digital clocks and watches use numbers to show the time in hours up to 24 and minutes and seconds.

 Some digital clocks will show am or pm and not numbers 1 to 24 
Days are divided into two periods a.m. =  which is Latin for ante meridiem which in English means before midday and p.m. Latin meaning   post meridiem and translated in  English means after mid day.
AM midnight to midday 
AM midday to midday

What time of the day is it?

Morning 06-00 till 11-59am From sunrise to the middle of the day
To greet someone during this period you would say:- Good morning Mr smith, how are you today?
 Click here for the lesson on earning English greetings introductions
To greet someone during this period you would say:- Good afternoon Mr smith how may I help you?
Evening 6-00pm till 10-59pm Between sunset and night
To greet someone during this period you would say:- Good evening see you tomorrow
Night 11-00pm till 05-59am When it is dark Good night see you

To help tell the difference when the time is 12-00 (twelve ,0, clock) we say the following:-

Noon The middle of the day
Midnight The middle of the night

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