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 were you are from? learning how to tell people English lesson

What will I learn from the English lesson learning how to tell people were you are from? 

During this English lesson you will be learning how to tell people were you are from and what  nationality you are using singular and plural words.

Singular, talking about yourself or someone else

where are you from



You're       Italian
It's Thai
she's Spanish        
He's Scottish

The following 4 examples show the persons names were they are from.

Mr Bean is from the united Kingdom.   

he's English

he's from Europe

Mr Jones is from mexico.

He's Mexican

He's from North America

Jumnear Wattana is from Thailand.   where are you from

She's Thai.

She's from Thailand.

She is from Asia.

Mrs Smith is from Spain.     

she's Spanish.

She's Spanish

She's from Europe.

Mr Nelson is from South Africa

He's South Africian

Mrs nakamura is from japan

She is Japanese

He's from Africa and she's from Asia


Ask and Answer

Where is Mr Bean from?where are you from

He's from England

Mr Bean what is your natioality?

I'm English or European

Where are you from?

I'm from ___________.

what is your nationality?

I'm from ___________.

 Plural use the following when talking about more than 1 person



You're       Italian
They're Thai





Where am I from?    Your're From London              You aren't from London
Are you from Paris I'm From Paris I,m not from Paris
Is he from Bangkok He's From Bangkok He isn't from Bangkok
Is She from Rome She's From Rome She isn't from Rome
Is it from Paris It's From Paris It isn't from Paris
Are we from Bangkok We're From Bangkok We aren't from Bangkok
Are they from Rome They're From Rome They aren't from Rome

A brief conversation between 2 people

Mr Bean : Hello.

Mrs Smith : Hi.

Mr Bean : How are you?

Mrs Smith : I'm good. How are you?

Mr Bean : Good. Do you speak English?

Mrs Smith : A little. Are you English?

Mr Bean : Yes.

Mrs Smith: Where are you from?

Mr Bean : I'm from Manchester.

Mrs Smith : Nice to meet you.

Mr Bean : Nice to meet you too.

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