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Seasons In the UK  learn about the four seasons and types of weather

Learning about the four seasons In the UK?

During this English  lesson you will learn all about the four seasons that happen every year in the UK and what the weather is like in each one.

What are the four English seasons called?

In the United Kingdom There are four seasons which are called spring, summer, autumn and winter. In America autumn is called Fall (Due to the leaves falling from the trees).

Describing the Four seasons. English four seasons in one year


Winter time is very cold, but it looks beautiful when the ground is covered in snow.A lot of  birds will fly to warmer climates as it is to cold in the UK.


Spring time lambs are born which soon will run and jump around the fields.Flowers start to grow again that have been asleep through the winter months.


During the summer the sun's is warm and pleasent , but in the UK it still rains a lot. People in the UK like to have BBQ's and sit in the garden relaxing in the summer sunshine.


The leaves start to turn  yellow, red, and brown and fall gently to the ground. The weather starts to turn a lot colder.

Each season is different to the other the weather will vary

When is the first day of each season?

1st day of Spring = March 21st
1st day of Summer = June 21st
1st day of Autumn = September 21st
1st day of Spring = December 21st

What months are the seasons in?

Spring= March- May
Summer= June - August
Autumn= September to November
Winter= December to February

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Every season last about 3 month.

Winter                                                Spring

December January February                   March April May
Dec Jan Feb                                                      Mar Apr May

Summer                                              Autumn

June July August                                  September October November
Jun Jul Aug                                                         Sep Oct Nov

Americans call autumn, fall. is this because a lot of leaves fall at this time of the year?

Here are some words that describe each of the four seasons

Summer: scorching hot,Lovely sunsets, Seaside ice cream.
Winter:  very cold, wet, damp, miserable.
Autumn: dry, falling leaves, orange, lovely colours.
Spring: new flowers, new colour, bright,new life,  fresh air

What causes the seasons?

Seasons are caused by the changes in weather this is caused by Earth's changing it's position relative to the sun. 

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