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English lessons can be translated to help with learning

Why translate the English lessons?

Sometime depending on your knowledge of English you might need some help to understand what a sentence or a word means, by using the translator will stop you coming frustrated while learning a new language, however sometimes words are lost in translation it is best to use a dictionary that as the words meaning into your own language

All pages can be translated into your own language to help with learning

Using the the websites translator to help with learning English.

On the every page you are able to translate the page into your own language if you are struggling with a particular word or sentence, however depending on the language many words can be lost in translation. 

How to use the translator?

Option 1 : Click on your own countries flag and the page will then be translated.

Option 2:  If your countries flag is not shown, click on the select Language box and choose your country from the drop down menu as shown in the image to the right.

You will still be able to go back and use the site using the e#English language by, clicking on the first flag.


Easy pace learning can help start people learning English in up over 100 countries below is just a small few that can be translated:-

Thailand เรียนภาษาอังกฤษ

Philippines matuto ng Ingles

China 學習英語

japan 英語を学ぶ

Germany Englisch lernen

France apprendre l'anglais

Spain aprender Inglés

Peru aprender Inglés

Brazil aprender Inglés

Sweden lära sig engelska

Korea 영어를 배우는

Turkey İngilizce öğrenmek