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Jobs occupations and professions vocabulary English lesson

 Jobs professions and occupations vocabulary with pictures part 2

During part 2 of this English lesson you will learn about the different the different occupations /  professions / jobs that people do not only in your country, but around the world 

Part 1 and part 2 of occupations jobs and professions

Occupations jobs professions vocabulary with pictures

Professions jobs and occupations vocabulary with pictures 

Occupations jobs professions 

Learning about occupations vocabulary using pictures

Professions jobs and occupations 

Learning about occupations professions and job vocabulary using pictures

 Basic conversation about occupations / professions / jobs

A. What's your occupation?

B. I'm a lawyer.

A. A lawyer?

A. Yes, that's right.

Example 2

A. Are you still a __________?

B. No, I'm a __________ now.

A. Oh. That's sounds interesting.

Example 3

A. What kind of job would you like in the future?

B. I'd would like to be a ___________.

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Occupations jobs professions vocabulary with pictures

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