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Injuries ailments and symptoms English vocabulary with pictures. 

Injuries, ailments and symptoms vocabulary.

Learn the vocabulary used for Injuries ailments and symptoms using pictures. The English lesson will also teach how to have a basic conversation on how to tell someone your problem.

 Injuries symptoms and ailments vocabulary

Learning the vocabulary for ailments symptoms and injuries

Ailments symptoms and injuries vocabulary

Learning the vocabulary for injuires symptoms and ailments vocabulary

Telling someone your ailment, symptoms or injury problem

A. Whats the matter?

B. I have a / an ____________. Use numbers 1- 19

Example 2

A. Whats the matter?

B. I have __________. Use numbers 20 - 26

Example 3 (you can use all 3 replies)

A. Whats the matter?

B. I feel ________ Use numbers 27 - 30 

B. I'm ____________. Use numbers 31 - 32

B. I'm ____________ ing. Use numbers 33 -38

Example 4

A. How do you feel?

B. Not so good / not very well / terrible.

A. What's the matter?

B. ____________ and ___________.

A. I'm sorry to hear that.

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