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Face and head parts English lesson

Learning about head and face parts?

In this English lesson there is a fun game / exercise to help you remember the vocabulary for face and head parts. The next part of the lesson are examples of how to use the words in sentences that you can use in everyday life.

Exercise head and face parts

How do I play the exercise on head and face parts?

Click on the play button and you will see on the right is a list of words, start drag each word holding down the left mouse button and drag the word then release the button to drop the word on the part of the face that you think is correct.

English vocabulary you have learnt so far = hair, eye, nose, ears, lips, and cheeks

Using head parts in sentences

Mrs Jones had lovely long blonde hair that was half way down her back. Long blonde hair

Mrs Bean what colour hair does she have? she has brown hair or she has fair hair

Eyes are used for seeing things with. Mrs Jones had very good eyesight and could see very far.

Eyes are for seeing things withMr Bean what colour eyes have you got? I have got blue eyes or could have brown eyes or grey eyes

Mrs Bean needed to wear glasses as she had poor eyesight

noses are used for smelling things withNose are used to smell things with.

Mr Jones was in the garden and is nose still managed to smell the bread is wife was making for him.

ears are used for hearing thingsEars are used to hear things with.

Mr Beans ears started to hear music from somewhere and started to dance.

Mr Bean had large ears but he still didn't have very good hearing.

Mrs Bean liked to wear large earrings in her ears which made her look very pretty.

LipsMrs Bean liked to wear bright red lipstick on her lips when she went shopping.

Pink lipstick is Mrs smith favorite color she likes to put on her lips.

cheeks gone red because of the coldThe weather was very cold today and made Mrs Beans cheeks go red.

Mrs bean was worried as the baby had very red cheeks.

Learning the parts of the head and face

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