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Living room vocabulary using pictures and words

Vocabulary for a living room English lesson

During this lesson you will learn the vocabulary for living rooms. The last part of the lesson you will learn how to talk about your living room, using basic conversation.

Living room vocabulary

Learning the vocabulary for inside a living room using pictures

Basic conversations about the living room

Example 1

A. Where are you?

B. I'm in the living room.

A. What are you doing?

B. I' dusting / cleaning the coffee table.

Example 2

A. You have a lovely living room!

B.Oh, thank you.

Example 3

A.  Your ________ is / are beautiful!

B. Thank you for saying so.

A. Uh-oh, I just spilled coffee on ___________.

B. Thanks okay. Don't worry about. I will clean it up.

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