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Learning about Household cleaning and laundry vocabulary with pictures 

During this English lesson on household cleaning and laundry, you will learn the English vocabulary for Household cleaning and laundry items using pictures.

After you will learn how to talk about household cleaning and laundry. 

Household cleaning and laundry vocabulary with pictures 

Learn the vocabulary for household cleaning and laundry

 Talking about household cleaning and laundry items

Example 1

A. How do you like this / these __________?

B. It's / they are great!

Example 2

A. They are having a big sale at the big Tesco this week.

B. Oh, really? What is on sale?

A. ___18 - 27_______ and ____1-17  28 - 39_______ s.

Print the lesson on Household cleaning and laundry vocabulary with pictures 

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