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Babies care items English lesson

Learning about vocabulary for baby care items

Learn the vocabulary for baby care and also how to ask for baby items in a store.

Baby care items

Learning about baby care vocabulary English lesson

 How to ask for baby items while in a store

Example 1

A. Do we need anything from the store?

B. Yes. Could you some baby powder? ( numbers 1 - 12 )

A.  Sure.

Example 2

A. Do we need anything from the store?

B. Yes. Could you some bottle? ( numbers 13 - 17 )

A.  Sure.

Example 3

A. Excuse me. I can't find the _________. ( with items 13-17 use the plural )

B. I'm sorry. We're out  ___________. We'll have some in tomorrow.

How to ask for baby items at home

Example 1

Honey? Where did you put the _________?

It's / They're in / on / next to ___________.

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Print the English lesson on learning about vocabulary for a babies room

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