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Chemist's shop /  pharmacy / drugstore vocabulary and conversation

So what will I be learning in this English lesson?

The following Lesson you will learn the vocabulary for various items in a Chemist shop and what is the difference is between a chemist shop, pharmacy and drug store. The last part is a short conversation you might have a chemist shop.

What is the difference between Chemist's shop, pharmacy and drugstore?

Chemist and pharmacy is British English while drug store is American English, although pharmacy is also common.

Chemist shop and pharmacy vocabulary

 Learning the vocabulary for inside a chemist / pharmacy



Robert: Hello, would you mind helping me please I need some help?

Chemist OK, what do you need?

Robert: Well, yesterday my girlfriend came down with flu and  now she is feeling really sick. She can not sleep due to coughing and sneezing and she has a high temperature. What would you recommend to give to for her to help her? 

Chemist: Well, I would recommend easetheflu. It is very good and it will also help her sleep. Here it is the bottle, do you want one to try for your girlfriend?. 

Robert: Yes. I would like one please.Thanks a lot!

Chemist No problem we are here to help. If she's not feeling better after two days maybe she should go and see her doctor. 

Robert: Ok I will keep that in mind. Thank you again for your help today.

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