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Gardening equipment vocabulary learning English words

Learning about gardening equipment vocabulary English lesson

In this lesson you will learn the English words for some common gardening equipment using pictures and words. After there uis a brief description of each piece of garden equipment.

Gardening Equipment vocabulary

Learning the vocabulary for garden equipment

Garden equipment with a brief explanation  

Spade:- used for digging.

Fork:- used for digging or moving things.

Long handled shears:- used for edging the edge of a lawn.

lawn rake:- Used for raking leaves, hay, grass ext.

Rake:- Used for levelling soil, gravel.

Hoe:- Used for weeding.

Hand fork:- used for loosening soil and planting,

Trowel:- used for planing small shrubs or moving small amounts of soil.

Pruners:- can be used to cut roses and other small shrubs.

Garden clothes:- To protect your hands and keep them clean.

Pesticide:- used for removing insects that are harmful to flowers and plants.

Wheelbarrow:- Used for moving things around the garden.


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