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Places around town / city learn the vocabulary and a description for places and shops

Vocabulary for places around the city - town English lesson

During this lesson you will learn the English names for places you are likely to find in a Town or City.

Vocabulary for places around Town / City

Learning the English words for things you might find in a Town or City


Buildings around Town / city with description

airport -  when you need to travel by aeroplane to another city or country.

bakery - people go to buy fresh bread and cakes.

bank - When you need to deposit or withdraw you go to  a bank. Take out your money here and you can cash a cheque.

bookstore - a shop that sells books and magazines.

bus station - where you go when you need to travel by bus to another place nearby or another town city.

butcher's -  sell all types of different meat.

cafe - you can buy cooked food drinks and cake here.

church - a place where you go to worship

court - a place where they punish criminals by trial . A judge works here

craft market - a shop that sells  products that have been hand-made in that region or country.

department store - a very large store that sells a lot of different things like men's / women's clothes, electrical goods ext.

cinema/movies - people go to watch movies eating popcorn and drinking Coca Cola here.

fire station - a building where firemen work and wait to put fires out around town

petrol station - people put petrol in their car, motorbike or other types of vehicle.

gym - people go here to do exercises and weight training.

hairdresser's - men and women go here when they need their cut hair cutting.

hospital -  men, women and children go here when they are injured, need an operation or having a baby.

hotel - People use hotels when they need to sleep when they are visiting from another city or country.

gallery - people like to go here to see paintings and other works of art.

jail / prison - criminals have to go here when they have been punished by a judge.

launderette - people take their clothes here to wash them.

library - people can read and borrow books from here.

museum - very old objects are in show for people to view.

pharmacy / chemist - people buy drugs here when they are sick or injured.

police station - policemen / women work here and people arrested 

pub - people go to drink beer, wines or other types of alcoholic drinks

park - are where people can play on grass, rest, play or walk your dog. Children can play on swings, a slide or  climb on frame.

English words for places around Town / City

Learning the vocabulary for places around Town or a City

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