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Basic mathematics  adding subtracting multiplication and division

What will I learn from the English lesson on mathematics?

You will learn the English vocabulary for basic mathematics. The lesson shows examples in numbers and how to write the numbers in words (numeral). 

Vocabulary used for maths


to add



to subtract



to multiply



to divide

: /



2 + 2 = 4                  two and two is/ are/ comes up to four

625 + 542 = 1167   six hundred and twenty-five plus five hundred and forty-two is/ equals one thousand, one hundred and sixty-seven



6 – 4 = 2                   six take away four leaves/ is two

267 – 194 = 73        two hundred and sixty-seven minus one hundred and ninety-four equals seventy- three



4 x 6 = 24                 four times six is/ makes twenty-four

42 x 63 = 2646        forty-two multiplied by sixty-three equals two thousand, six hundred and forty-six



24 : 6 =  4                 twenty-four divided by six equals four

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