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Learning how to recommend and order food at a restaurant

What will you learn from the lesson recommending and ordering food at a restaurant

This English lesson you will learn how to to recommend food to a friend or ask what they recommend. The last part is about ordering food in a restaurant. 

Recommending food 

What do you recommend?

I recommend you try one of the specials.

You could try the lamb it is very nice.

This is their standard menu … and these are the specials.

We thought you might like to try the local speciality.ordering and recommending English lesson

The trout is very good.

It comes with potatoes and fresh vegetables. 


I’ll have a today's special please.

I’ll take a portion of potatoes.

Could we have a pizza and fries please?

I’d like a ham salad thanks.

Shall we order a bottle of the house red?

Could we order some mineral water too?

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