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Different ways of saying goodbye in English

What will I learn from the basic English lesson how to say goodbye in English.

This lesson you will learn the basics of how to to say goodbye to someone in English. The lesson starts with the basics and then shows a the different ways that you can say goodbye.


Basic goodbyes

The following examples show how to say goodbye



I’ll say goodbye

See you later

See you soon.

I must go now.Different ways of saying goodbye


A list of the different ways to say goodbye

I  must be going.

I really must be going

I must be off.

I’m afraid I’ve got to go.

It’s getting rather late. I’ll miss my bus.

It’s getting very late. I’ll miss my lift home

They’re calling my flight.

I’ve got some things to prepare for … .

I’ve got a lot to do this afternoon.

I want to get away before the traffic gets too bad.

I’ve enjoyed talking to you.

It’s been (most) interesting talking to you.

It’s been most interesting talking to you.

It’s been a very useful meeting/ nice afternoon.

It’s been a very useful nice morning / afternoon / evening.

Thanks for everything.

Thank you for (all) your help.

Thank you for coming.

I look forward to our next meeting. I look forward to seeing you again.

I look forward to seeing you when you’re next in Manchester. 

Saying goodbye

How to answer

Have a good flight

Have a safe trip flight.

Have a good weekend.

Enjoy the rest of your stay.  

It was nice meeting you.

I hope to see you again.   

See you on the 14th.               

Thank you

Thank you.

Same to you.

Same to you.

I really enjoyed meeting you, too. 

I hope so, too.

See you.

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