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Introductions English basics how to introduce yourself and others

Introductions and introducing yourself to others English lesson

During this lesson you will learn the basics of how to introduce yourself, someone else and making contact with someone in English. 

Introductions and introducing yourself

Introductions and Introducing yourself to others

The following examples show how to introduce yourself Introducing yourself, someone else or making contact English lesson

Can I introduce myself? My name’s Sarah.

May I introduce myself?  My name’s Simon.

Let me introduce myself. My name’s Paul

I’d like to introduce myself. I’m David

I don’t think we’ve met. I’m Jason

Introducing someone else

May I introduce myself? I introduce a good friend of mine? This is Simon. Have you met Simon?

Can I introduce myself? I introduce a good friend of mine? This is Rod. Have you met Rod?

I’d like you to meet John.

I want you to meet Ronaldo.

Making contact with someone you don't know

Excuse me, are you Mrs Smith? (how to answer)  Yes, that’s right.

Hello, you must be Mrs Jones.

You are Mr Bean, aren’t you?

Have we met before?

 How do you do?

 Nice to meet you.

 Please, call me ... .

  How do you do?

  Nice to meet you, too.

 Then you must call me ...

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