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Basic English greetings formal greetings and how to respond

Basic greetings in English 

During this lesson you will learn the basics in greeting someone on English. The first part of the lesson explains why you greet someone and the last part is a list of greetings.

Basic Greetings

A list of basic greetings

Hello, David

Hi, DavidGreeting basics English lesson

Good morning

Good afternoon

Good evening.

Good to see you again

Nice to see you again.

I’m glad to see you.

I’m happy to see you.

I’m  pleased to see you.

Greeting someone and answering them back

 Greeting someone  How to answer them 

    How are you?                  

    How have you been?                

    How are things?                

    How is your girlfriend?          

    Fine, thanks. And you?

    Very well. And you?

    Not too bad, thanks.

    She’s fine.

Formal greetings and responses

 Formal greeting basics English lesson

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