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Learning English - free lessons made easy to help you learn English

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How we will help you start learning English

  • Easy pace learning will try and help you improve your English and, grammar, vocabulary using lessons and games. we have over 100 lessons for you to choose from basic English to advanced.

  • After each lesson you can leave a comment about the lesson tell us what you think of the lesson or just practise your newly found English skills.

  • Games are a great way of making learning fun rather than just reading or listening some of the games are really good fun to play and can be linked to your easy talk profile.

  • A great way to learn English is to listening to music when your doing other things, will help you learn different words and also the tone.

  • To help you learn different words try watching a English movie with subtitles in the English language, and listen to the movie in your own language.

  • We have a small collection of videos that are designed for younger people, but are well worth watching to learn new words.

  • We are constantly adding new lessons if you don't see what you are trying to learn please contact us.

Click here for all free online English lessons and start learning now

Easy pace Learning online dictionary and how to use dictionaries

Click on the following link for the Online English dictionary - English lesson