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Office equipment learning English

What will I learn from the English lesson office equipment?

During this lesson you will learn the vocabulary you will see in most offices.

A typical office and its equipment

Office equpipment

Examples of office Equipment

Monitor: needed to view computer output.

Computer: Used for many office software and internet.

Keyboard: Used for inputting text to the computer then to the monitor screen.

Telephone: Used for making and receiving phone calls to customers and staff.

Desk: Needed to store all the office equipment on.

Waste basket: For all rubbish that is not needed any more.

Swivel chair: Able to turn all the way round and move easily on wheels.

Draw unit with draw: Stores documents, books or anything that is needed to be stored in the desk.

Files: Used for storing documents that need to be filed in alphabetical order.

Filing cabinet: Used for storing files in order.

Label: Used to let people know what's inside the draw.

Notebook: For making notes for things that need to get done or messages from a telephone call.

In-tray: Work that needs to be done is put in the in-tray.

Out-tray: When work has finished, it is put in the out-tray

Desk top organizer: For holding things like pens, pencils, paper clips so they don't make the desk untidy.

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