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General office basics asking questions and answering them English lesson

What will I learn from the English lesson general office talk?

During this English lesson you will learn how to ask questions for various item in the office and how to answer some of the them. The lessons shows several examples for you to practice.

Asking for a file

If you can't find a file, how to ask people around the office.

Do you know where the Johns file is at?
Do you have the file on the Pilkington case?

Do you know where the file with the statements in is?
Is anybody using the travel expense file right now?

How to answer some of these questions

Did you check the file cabinet on room 123? It should be there.
Check the desk. Sometimes people leave it on the desk next to filing cabinet.

Oh... sorry it's on my desk. I forgot to put it back after I had finished with it.
I have it my office wait, I'll get it for you.

How to ask for a file or book on someones desk

Sometimes you might need to use a file or book that is on someone's else's desk.

Examples of how to ask:

Hi Sarah, are you using that book right now?
Can I borrow that file john I really need?

Have you finished with this file Peter?
Craig when you have finished with that report can you let me have it?
Can I use this file or are you using it?

Asking for things around the office

If you need something, it is common to ask around. Here are some examples of what you might need in the office.

Do you have a spare mouse? Mine as broken.
Do you have another network cable? The one I was using is too short now I have moved my computer.
Do you have a blank CD disk I can have?
I ran out of large white labels. Do you have any I can have?

Can I borrow your stapler, mine as jammed?
Do you have a hole puncher for A4 paper?
Do you have a staple remover that I can borrow I have lost mine last week?

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