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Negotiating with your boss before leaving

What will I learn from the lesson negotiating with your boss before leaving?

During this English lesson you will learn about how to negotiate with your current employer when you decided to leave your job. The lesson gives examples of how you can negotiate a wage increase and even a promotion.

Receiving a job offer

When you receive an offer of a job from another company it is a great way to negotiate a salary increase or maybe changing your job position. This only applies if you are a very good employee because your current employer will do there upmost to make you stay. If you are undecided about staying or going, it's best to say that you received another offer and you are giving it considerable thought. If your employer tries to make you stay, you can now state what you want in order for you to stay.

Hello Mr Jones, I am currently at a crossroad of my career. I have being interviewed with another company and they have offered a great deal to me, but I haven't made a decision yet, as I it was best to talk to you before making my decision.

Your employer asks you to stay

I really like this company and having you as a boss, this makes my decision really hard. I have been asking to become a team leader here. as well, the new company are offering me a ten percent higher salary than what I receive. Do you think you can match the wage offer and also be considered for being a team leader?

Hello Mr Jones, I have been trying to get a job nearer to my family home so I don't have to travel so much. I have been offered a job, but am undecided yet. As I wanted to talk to you before making my final choice.

You see Mr Jones, they have offered me a lot bigger salary. Which is five percent higher then the salary I'm getting here. Do you think it is possible you can match or better what they are offering?

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