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Asking for help and offering help - business English lesson

What will I learn from the English lesson asking for help and offering help

During this English lesson you will learn how to offer another co-worker help with there work and also how to ask someone for help with your own work.

Reasons you would you want to offer someone help with there work

Sometimes if you have finished your work you may want to offer to help another co-worker. Below is a few examples of how to talk to another worker if you can help them with there work.

Examples of asking to help someone with there work

Hi John, I have managed to finish my work already so I have some extra time. Do you need help with anything.

Sarah, are you're doing the accounts for on Easy Pace Learning? I did that last month. If you need some help, just give me a call and I come to your office.

I have a lot of experience with your project if you have any questions, please just ask me.

Sometimes in a work environment asking for help can be a lot more difficult. You will have to judge what type of relationship you have with your co-workers.

Hi John, I'm having trouble getting the totals correct for the accounts for easy pace learning. Do you mind having a look at my figures to see if I am missing something simply?

Hi Sarah, can you help me and proof read this letter? This is a very important client and I want to make sure there are no mistakes.

Can you spare me ten minutes to help me set up the new machine? I can't get it to start.

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