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Talking to Workers in your office or work environment

What will I learn from the English lesson talking to Workers in your office or work environment

This English lesson covers the basic English that you need to know when speaking with co-workers.

What ever sort of work you do, you will almost sure to have a boss or a manager unless you are self employed. Should you be a manager, then you will have people reporting to you. It is almost certain that you will have to work with co-workers.

If you are talking with a co-worker, most of it will be like talking with a friend. You can talk about your were you live, what school you went to, the weather, and general things about everyday life.We have lessons on a wide range of subjects for you learn and talk about.

Talking with a co-worker

Asking a co-worker what happened during the meeting you have missed

I couldn't make meeting. Can you tell me what happened?
I had to go to the dentists this morning so I missed the meeting. What happened?
I was sick yesterday and missed the meeting. Is there anything I should know about?
We missed the meeting. Was there anything I need to know?

Talking to your co-worker about another co-worker

When talking about a co-worker make sure they are a good friend or they might tell the person.

Mr Jones looks really mad at the moment. Do you know what's made him mad?
What happen to John recently? John looks really angry.
I think John is annoyed about something. Can you tell me what the matter is with him?

How to talk to a co-worker about the boss being angry with you

John speaks to me like he is angry with me all the time. Does he speak to you the same way?
Does John speak to you like he is mad at you? Or am I just being silly?
No it's not you. He speaks to everyone the same way too.

Talking about a co-worker about a co-worker who is being moody

Sarah is very moody this week.
If the manger knew what she was doing, we wouldn't have a back log of work to do.

What is the matter with John lately?
He is just having one of those off days we all have from time to time. His new line manager is gaving him a rough time.

So Sarah, what do you think of your line manager?
He gets very angry very easily and he scares me a little bit oh, and he never helps with the work. What do you think Paul?

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