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Removable disk used in business English lesson

What will I learn from the lesson removable disk used in business?

During this lesson you will learn about the different types of storage that you can use. There are examples of how to talk about storage devices in an office or work environment.

What is a removable disk?

A removable disk enables you or a user to move data between computers. Removable disk can also be called removable storage and removable media.

Types of removable data

Floppy disk.



Portable hard drive

Thumb drive / USB drive

Removable Disk

When you need to save data, there are several ways that you can save your data. The first option is the removable disk, saving to the hard drive, or saving to a network that allows many computers to save data as well.

Does someone have a floppy disk they can give to me?
I have used my last CD. Can I order some more Cd's please?
Can you tell admin that we need to order more DVD's?

I saved it on a CD for you.

Can you save the documents on a CD for me?
Can you save all the information on my USB pen drive?

You need to save the document on a disk and give it Mr Smith in accounts.
Save the information on a disk and give it to Jack.

You need to have all the information on a disk so that you can bring it to the meeting.

Standard CD's can hold up to 700 MB of data / information. There will be times when CD's will not be big enough. to hold all the data that you need.

Examples of how to tell some it doesn't fit.

All the documents will not fit on one disk.
The video showing the new building is too large to fit on a disk.
Do we have some sort of storage device that can hold more information?

Can you order a 500 MB portable hard drive for me? I'm going to need to save a lot more data now.

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