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Business negotiations English lesson

What will I learn from the English lesson business negotiations?

During this lesson you will learn about what negotiations mean and why they are so important for such things as negotiating a promotion or resolving a conflict. The last part of the lesson you will learn about the art of negotiating.

Why negotiations are important

One of the most important skills that you can posses is having the ability to negotiate with other people. What is a negotiation? It's a resolution of conflict there is. In order to resolve a conflict you need to enter negotiations so you can start or continue with the relationship between both parties to resolve the issue. Most people in everyday life have had some sort have negotiations from negotiating how much money you should much money you should get as an allowance from your parent as a child. Even negotiating how long every one watches TV so whole the family can watch there favorite TV show.

Why do I need to negotiate?

Some people are strong negotiators, and find getting what they need more easily than others. Most people have the ability to negotiate, however if people don't for what ever reason, relationships can become strained and even stopped, quit where they are working, or just avoid any sort of conflict and situations that they find uncomfortable.

Business negotiating is very important

For business, negotiating skills are very important if you want a successful business or career they are used for a many reasons, from negotiating a wage increase or a promotion, to secure a sale, or forming a new business partnership with another person or business.

Examples of different types of negotiations that are needed in business

  • Between a manager and employee: - Negotiating a promotion
  • Employer and Potential Employee: - Negotiating wage, bonuses maybe hours.
  • Business Partners can be 2 or more: - Negotiate new investement, new development
  • Business one and business two: - Negotiating if two compaines want to merge
  • Customer and Client: - Negotiate a sale of purchase

What is the art of Negotiating

When people talk about negotiating you might hear it being called an "art". A lot of people are naturally and skillful as negotiators, even if you are not people can easily learn to negotiate. A well known phrase in business is, everything is negotiable. Below is a list of techniques and skills that will aid you when in the negotiating process.

  • Aiming high: Always aim as high as possible.
  • Visualizing what the end results might be.
  • Always Treat an opponent with due respect and honesty.
  • Preparing ahead of time so you know what you are going to discuss.
  • Always show you are confident.

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