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Business Letters English lesson

What will I learn from the English lesson business English lesson?

During this lesson you will learn on business letters and what other kinds of business correspondence you can use.

What are business letters?

Business letters are writton ontandard paper that allows you to communicate between, people or from businesses. To send a business letter you usually send using the post box, Post Office or sometimes by courier. Business letters are considered to be "snail-mail" which means very slow compaired to email which is faster almost instant letter.

Types of business letters

  • memo
  • fax
  • email

Who writes Business Letters?

Almost all people will have at sometime written an a business letter even without knowing it. Some people in business have to write many letters each day while others only have to write a few letters over the whole if there career. Business people will have to read many letters every working day. Letters are written by a person or group are known as the sender to a person or group, which in business are known as the recipient.

Examples of senders and recipients:

  • Business to business
  • A business to a consumer
  • A person sending a job applicant «» company
  • Citizen to a government official
  • employer to another employee
  • staff member to another staff member

Why write Business Letters?

There are a lot of reasons that you might have to write business letters or for another correspondence.

  • to persuade someone
  • to inform someone or a group
  • to request something from someone or a group
  • to express thanks to someone or a group
  • to remind someone or a group
  • to recommend something
  • to apologize to someone or a group
  • to congratulate someone or a group
  • to reject a proposal or offer from someone or a group
  • to introduce a new person or new policy to someone or a group
  • to invite or welcome someone or a group
  • to follow up from an enquery or request
  • to formalize decisions to someone or a group

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