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CV - curriculum vitae resume English lesson

How to write a CV and resume

During this lesson you will learn how to write your own CV and resume. The last part of the lesson is an example CV – resume to help you create your own.

What does CV mean?

CV is shortened from curriculum vitae.

What is the difference from a CV and a resume?

Nothing, resume is American English (AmE)

Writing a CV (curriculum vitae) step by step


When you apply for a job give a brief description of the job you are applying for or the sort of jobs you are going to be applying for.


In this part list all the experience that you have since leaving school to present. I if you have just left school list part time jobs or any experience that is relevant to the job you are applying for


List your schools, colleges and universities that you have attended.


If you have any interest or hobbies list them. Don't list things such as going out with friends or going to parties. Going to the gym, cycling running ext. Show that you are keen on keeping fit.

Sample Resume / CV

  Steven Gerard
Objective Seeking an International School position in English where my extensive teaching experience can be used to the full
Experience 1999-present Ribblesdale High School Manchester, UK
  English Teacher
  • Increased grades to an average of 76%.
  • Introduced online learning to help students learn at home as well.
  • Increased the grade results from 59% to 64%.
  Teaching assistant
  • Helped prepare lessons plans with the teacher.
  • Helped students prepare for the end of year exams.
  • Developed 'E-learning website' training course.
Education 1992-96 Lancaster University Lancaster, UK
  • Postgraduate certificate in education (PGCE)
  • Captain of University football Club
  1988-92 St Peter's high School Blackburn, UK
  • 3 GCE 'A' Levels
  • President of English club
Interests Football, rugby, drama, computers
27 Richmond Terrace, Blackburn, Lancashire, UK
Tel: +44 121 333 456
Email: learningEnglish@easypacelearning.com

Example of a CV

The example also shows selected experience and awards, both these are optional and can be added if you feel they will help you with the job you are applying for.

writing a CV example

Please be aware CV and resumes can be very different, but try to keep to one page and don't add anything that doesn't need to be added.

CV's with many pages can be over looked try and keep your CV - resume to one page two if needed

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