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Machine and equipment problems - learning business English

What will I learn from the lesson machine problems in the office?

During this lesson you will learn about the various machines in the office and various problems that you might come across.

Office machines you might find in a office

There are various machines and equipment that can be found in an office:

  1. Cash registers = Used for totalling goods someone wants to buy.
  2. Calculator = Used for making mathematical calculations.
  3. Copier's = Used to make exact copies of documents.
  4. Printers = A machine used to print images or text.
  5. Fax machines = Sends documents over a telephone wire.
  6. Shredders = Used to shred documents so not to be seen by unauthorised people.
  7. Computers = Used to storing and processing data
  8. Disc copying equipment = A machine that enables you to copy large amounts of CD's or DVD's
  9. Typewriters = Used to produce letters and documents not popular now due to computers.

Problems with machinery

Below is a list of problems for a computer and a copier. There are many things that can wrong with machinery below is only a few.

Problems with a computer

Do you know what's wrong with my computer?

Who should I call to report a problem with my computer?

When is the computer going to be fixed?

Do you know when the computer will be ready?

My computer will not switch on.

Why won't my computer printer this document.

Problems with a copier

How do I use the copier?

The machine has run out of paper how do I refill the copier?

The copy machine has stopped working again is the paper jammed again?

The copy machine is broken.

Can you get the copy machine fixed today please?

A technician is will be coming out late this morning to fix the copy machine.

What type of paper do I used for the copy machine?

We should order some more paper. We're running very low and only have 2 packets left now.


Using the two examples above for the computer and copier and try ask some questions for the following machines and equipment.

Copy and write on some paper and answer 1 to 9.

  1. Cash registers
  2. Calculator
  3. Copier's
  4. Printers
  5. Fax machines
  6. Shredders
  7. Computers
  8. Disc copying equipment
  9. Typewriters

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