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Learning keywords used in business English lesson

What will I learn from this the lesson learn about the keywords that are used in business?

During this English lesson you learn about the keywords that are used in business. The word is followed by the meaning then an example

Try making some sentences of your own using the examples.

  • absent adj. - not present
    Example: The manager is absent due to being away on other business.
  • accomplish verb - succeed in reaching a required stage
    Example: We have a lot to accomplish this week to meet the targets.
  • address verb - deal with a problem or a task
    Example: We better not have to address this problem again this is you last chance.
  • adjourn verb - bring a close to a meeting
    Example: If there are no further things on the agenda, we will adjourn the meeting for this month.
  • agenda noun - list of objectives to be covered at the meeting
    Example: Pass a copy of the agenda to anyone who is attending meeting in advance please.
  • AGM noun (abbr.) - Annual (once a year) General Meeting
    Example: At the next AGM we will need to vote for a new chairperson.
  • allocate verb - assign roles/tasks to certain people
    Example: The new manger will allocate someone to order the new company cars.
  • AOB noun (abbr.) - Any Other Business (unspecified item on agenda)
    Example: The last item on the agenda as anyone got AOB (Any Other Business).
  • apologies noun - telling who is absent and have left there apologies for their absence
    Example: Only one person is absent and they send their apologies.
  • ballot noun - a way of voting, usually in writing and should be secret
    Example: Please put your ballot slip in the box.
  • board of directors noun - group of elected members of an organization/company who meet to make decisions
    Example: The board of directors met last night to discuss the latest budget.
  • boardroom noun - a large meeting room, with one long table and chairs
    Example: The boardroom is busy tomorrow, but Friday will be fine to have a meeting then.
  • brainstorm verb - thinking to gather ideas
    Example: Let's get together and have a brainstorming session on ways that to increase profit.
  • casting vote noun - deciding vote normally made by the chairman when the votes have ended equal
    Example: The ruling on overtime pay was decided on the chairman's casting vote.
  • chairperson and chair noun - a person who leads the meeting
    Example: As chair/chairperson, it is my pleasure to introduce to you, our new sales manager Mr Bean
  • clarification and verification noun - explanation or proof that something is true and understood
    Example: We will need some clarification as to what's involved with the planning permission for the new offices.
  • closing remarks noun - last spoken words in a meeting examples reminders, thank you ext
    Example: In is closing remarks he thanked everyone for attending the meeting.
  • collaborate verb - work together as a pair/group
    Example: The workers had difficulty collaborating with the managers as a result the deadline was not met.
  • commence verb - begin, start the meeting
    Example: We will commence the meeting as soon as the everyone as arrived and signed the register.
  • comment verb or noun - express one's opinions or thoughts
    Example: If you have a comment, please raise your hand rather than speak out.
  • conference noun - formal meeting for discussion, esp. a regular one held by an organisation
    Example: Before the conference there will be a private meeting for board members only.
  • conference call noun - telephone/video conference (Skype) meeting between three or more people in different locations
    Example: Today the chairman from all the overseas branches had a conference meeting using video call.
  • confidential adjective - private; must not be shared only with those with permission.
    Example: The company stated that all financial information must be confidential.
  • consensus noun - general agreement
    Example: We must reach a consensus by the end of the meeting which will then be put to vote to decided.
  • deadline noun - the date when something is due for completion
    Example: The deadline for the order is June 10th.
  • designate verb - assign to someone or a team
    Example: If no one volunteers to work at weekend I will designate someone.
  • formality noun - a procedure (often unnecessary) that has to be followed due to a rule
    Example: Everyone knows who is going to be the next vice president, so this vote is really just a formality.
  • grievance noun - complaint made by a worker or customer
    Example: A grievance has been reported by one of the managers about one of is staff.
  • guest speaker noun - person who joins the group in order to share information or deliver a speech
    Example: today am delighted to introduce our guest speaker Mr Bean who is giving us some tips on social networking
  • implement verb - it must happen and be followed through
    Example: We must implement the new guide lines set out by the board of directors.
  • mandatory adjective - required
    Example: It is mandatory that all workers start at 8am and finish at 5pm.
  • minutes noun - a written record of everything said at a meeting
    Example: Let's review the minutes from last month and see what as been resolved since then.
  • motion noun - a suggestion put to a vote
    Example: The motion to extend weekend hours for the staff has been passed.
  • objectives noun - goals that need to be accomplish
    Example: I'm pleased that we were able to cover all of the objectives today within the designated time.
  • opening remarks noun - chairperson or leader's first words at a meeting (i.e. welcome, introductions)
    Example: As Mentioned in my opening remarks, we I thank you all for attending.
  • overhead projector noun - machine with a special light that projects a document onto a screen or wall so that all can see
    Example: Using the overhead projector I was able to show the sales team what targets we need to achieve.
  • participant noun - person who attends and joins in at an event
    Example: Thank you to all the participants in the firms charity event
  • proxy vote noun - a vote cast by one person for or in place of another
    Example: There must have been one proxy vote I have counted twelve ballots but there are only eleven attendees present.
  • punctual adjective - on time and must not be late
    Example: Anyone that is not punctual will be asked to explain to the manager why they are not on time.
  • recommend verb - suggest
    Example: I recommend that you lower the price of the old stock.
  • show of hands noun - raised hands to show an opinion in a vote
    Example: From the show of hands it appears that everyone is in favour of taking a short break.
  • strategy noun - plan to make something work
    Example: We need to come up with a strategy that will allow us to increase work output.
  • unanimous adj. - everyone is in complete agreement or united in opinion
    Example: The vote was unanimous to cut working hours from 46 to 39 hours.
  • vote verb or noun - to express an opinion by group or voice down by a show of hands or by ballot box.
    Example: We need to vote for all those in favour of the new changes.
  • wrap up verb - finish
    Example: Let's wrap up it up so that we can start on the next project.