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English lesson learning the key words used in Banking

What will I learn from the lesson learning the key words that are used when Banking in the UK and America?

During this lesson you will learn some of the key words that are used in banking in the UK, below is a list of words and a brief description of each for you to start learning.

N = noun V = verb a = adjective

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Balance n. What the amount of money is in your account after all the debits and credits.

Bank charges n. money that has to be paid to a bank for the bank's services, cheques, going overdrawn etc.

Branch n. Where the local office or bank is, London has many local branches. Business man greeting is bank manager

Chequebook UK or Checkbook US n. A book that contains removable checks that are used for paying for goods.

Cheque UK check US n. are a written order to a bank to pay the person or company the stated sum from your account;

Credit n. the money you have in your bank account; the sum of money added to your bank account; money lent by a bank, loan, overdraft.

Credit card n. (Visa) card from a bank or a company that authorises the purchase of goods on credit you require.

Current account n. bank account were money can be drawn at any time.

Debit n. The sum of money that is deducted from a bank account.

Deposit account n. A bank account were interest is paid on the money in the acccount.

Fill in UK v. Forms or documents sometimes require you to add written information to make it complete.

Interest n. When some has a load, credit card money has to be paid for the use of money lent - interest rate n.

Loan n. money that is lent by a bank or loan company that must be repaid with an agreed interest rate.

Overdraft n. deficit in a bank account that is agreed with your bank or can be caused by withdrawing more money than is in credit.

Pay in v. Put money in to your bank account. Buying goods using a credit card

Payee n. person who pays the money into an account.

Paying-in slip n. a small document that as all the details needed to pay money into a bank account.

Standing order n. an instruction to a bank to make regular payments.

Statement n. Every month most banks will send you a record of all transactions (debits/credits) made from your bank account.

Withdraw v. - withdrawal n taking money out of a bank account using an ATM or visiting your local branch.

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