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Queen of England English lesson

What will I learn from the English Queen of England?

During this lesson you will read about the Queen of England and what she does for the country and why she is the most famous head of state in Europe today.

When did Elizabeth II become Queen?

The Queen of England is known as Elizabeth II, she became queen in 1952, and is the best known of any of the seven remaining monarchs that remain in Europe. She is the eldest daughter of George VI and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, In 1947 she married a distant cousin, whose name is Philip Mountbatten. Since been married they have had four children:

Prince Charles is the Prince of Wales.

Princess Anne.

Prince Andrew.

Prince Edward.

In today's modern world, where wealth and celebrity status take the place of actual accomplishment, monarchs have now become privileged celebrities allowing them to amass enormous fortunes and live in a world we can only dream about.

Queen if traditional values

Even though most of her children have been involved in scandals bringing unwanted press on the royal family, Queen Elizabeth still shines like an old-fashioned beacon of grand virtue and traditional values. She has never once managed to embarrass her nation, and has worked tirelessly hard and she is a disciplined worker.

The most widely travelled head of state in the world

The Queen is the most widely travelled head of state in the world and expects her children to work as hard as she with their royal duties. Back in 2002 she celebrated her Golden Jubilee (50 years on the throne) and appears determined to remain on the throne for some considerable time and maybe as long as Queen Victoria.

The popularity of the monarchy in decline

Since the late nineties the popularity of the English monarchy as slowly decreased in popularity. A lot of this is due to the disliked and mocked Windsor children that have tarnished the royal name, through scandals and not doing their royal duties. Princess Diana reached the hearts of many people not just in the UK, worldwide. There was a growing sense in the general public that the monarchy is not needed any more. This is simply not true the royal family provides an enormous boost to tourism and sells lots of books and newspapers making the country millions of pounds.

Prince William and Princess Kate

In 2011 Prince William and Princess Kate got married this made the headlines the world over, showing that that indeed the royal family is here to stay for a very long time yet. It's would be hard to think about an England without a king or a queen and all the traditions that are associated with royalty.

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